How is United Way different?

The focus of United Way is to change the community for the better by bringing services to those in need with the help of local people. The unique model of localizing fund-raising for multiple agencies at one office allows for easy methods of pledging for contributors and lowers administrative costs for many agencies, as well as familiarity with the services that are being funded. Contributions are distributed by the Allocations Committee—comprised of local, trained volunteers who work and live in the community. See below for more details on the benefits of giving to your local United Way.


Local Impact:

While there are over 1,800 United Way organizations around the world, each one addresses the specific needs if its local community. The United Way of Greater Fall River services 31 local agencies, all which provide programs and services to the people who live and work in our community. Often times people who are friends, family members, or co-workers of our donors are recipients of these services. Often, donors are recipients themselves.

Low Administrative Costs:

Because we depend on volunteers, our United Way’s fund-raising and administrative costs are kept low. This means 82 percent of every dollar donated to United Way goes toward providing services to those in need.

Agency Accountability:

When donors support United Way they are assured that programs are being funded to provide necessary services to as many people as possible and to those who really need help. They are assured that all United Way agencies meet the highest standards of excellence. Agency programs and finances are regularly monitored by community volunteers.

Do you offer pledging options

United Way offers donors many options when pledging to make it as convenient and impactful for each donor as possible. Donations may be designated to:


United Way Community Fund – The best way to do the most good!

  • Informed volunteers carefully invest your gift in local programs that support those who need it most.

Critical Areas of Need

  • Designations to areas of need are used to address key problem areas that require urgent attention. Volunteers distribute these designated funds to the appropriate community agencies which can best achieve the necessary results.

One of Our 29 Agencies

  • Please see the link above to learn more about the 31 local agencies regularly funded by the United Way of Greater Fall River.

Another United Way Organization (outside of our service area)

  • Often a good option to those who may live outside of the Greater Fall River Area and wish to see their donations go towards the community in which they live.

Another Non-Profit Organization

  • Agencies outside of the United Way’s service area (must be a 501 (c) (3) health and human service organization).
Who benefits from United Way funded programs and services?

The United Way of Greater Fall River services agencies in the communities of: Fall River, Assonet, Westport, Somerset, Swansea, Tiverton, and Little Compton. Last year, one in three people in our area benefited from a United Way funded program or service.

I don’t need United Way services, why should I support them?

It’s very likely you may have used or currently use a United Way service and not even know it. 1 out of every 3 people in our community are helped by gifts to the United Way! Even if you don’t use any of the services funded by the United Way, your donations benefit your community, which ultimately benefits you.

What is the United Way Worldwide and how is the United Way of Greater Fall River affiliated?

United Way Worldwide, located in Alexandria, VA, provides training and services to the nearly 1,200 independent United Ways across America. United Way of Greater Fall River is a local chapter and services the towns of Fall River, Somerset, Swansea, Assonet, Westport, Tiverton and Little Compton. By giving to United Way of Greater Fall River you can be sure your money is being used right here in your community.

Why give to United Way when one can give directly to an individual charity?

United Way is all about working together, to improve the community for the common good. As the issues of each community are complex and complicated, no one organization can solve them all alone. By donating to United Way of Greater Fall River, you are supporting the 31 health and human resource organizations that help people of all ages and ethnicities, those with diverse needs and in varied situations. United Way monitors the effectiveness of the programs it funds, so contributors are assured the best return on their charitable dollar. United, we can accomplish far more than any individual or single agency can alone. When you give to United Way, your money is pooled with that of individuals across the Greater Fall River area to have a powerful and concentrated impact on the local issues that affect the community.