Loaned Executive Program

Loaned Executive Program

Who is a Loaned Executive?

A Loaned Executive is a temporary United Way staff person volunteered by leading corporations and organizations in our community during the annual campaign.

The Loaned Executive Program is designed to make a valuable employee even more valuable through training and skill building. The training program provides an orientation to the Loaned Executive’s responsibilities throughout the campaign. It is designed to strengthen the Loaned Executive’s presentation skills, communication abilities, knowledge of the business community, and awareness of human services agencies and their needs.

After training, the Loaned Executive will be ready to represent the United Way as an account manager to area employers who conduct a workplace campaign, working directly with internal campaign coordinators to help plan and implement a successful employee campaign.


How can your company help?


  • Recruit one or more employees who are willing to accept a challenging, new experience
  • Permit that employee to be a part-time Loaned Executive during the United Way campaign
  • Give him/her the encouragement and support to be successful

What’s the benefit for your company?

  • Explored the leadership of key personnel
  • Strengthens ties within the business community and the community as a whole
  • Benefits from an employee who is well versed in the community’s social, economic, and physical characteristics

What is the loaned executive commitment?

  • Attend the Loaned Executive training session
  • Evaluate and solicit his/her accounts; adhering to the campaign timetable
  • Act in accordance with the United Way’s goals and objectives


What are the loaned executive’s responsibilities?

  • Contact selected area companies and/or assist the account executive in the solicitation process of a corporate call
  • Contact selected accounts with established campaign potential
  • Conduct/participate in solicitor training for employee groups where needed
  • Conduct United Way presentations to employee groups
  • Assist United Way staff on various campaign related special events
  • Assist in clerical work, including mailings, letter writing, etc.

A loaned executive develops

  • Leadership Ability
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Presentation Skills
  • Training Skills
  • Sales Skills
  • Organizational Skills
  • Relationships with people of diverse business and social backgrounds
  • Explores the leadership of key personnel
  • Strengthens ties within the business community and the community as a whole
  • Awareness and understanding of the human services agencies available to our community

How does the loaned executive program help the United Way?


  • Extends its staff and maintains low administrative costs
  • Develops knowledgeable ambassadors who share basic information on United Way’s mission and goals
  • Improved he effectiveness of volunteer leadership and creates a source for future community leadership
  • Broadens its base and raises the level of overall giving to the United Way

Please contact the United Way of Greater Fall River for application information. 508.678.8361 or