Childcare and Early Childhood Education Advocacy

Act now to support Common Start Coalition and the push for accessible childcare for all children in Massachusetts.

High quality, equitable, accessible childcare and early childhood education provides a vital start in life to children.  As such, we’re a part of the local Common Start Coalition.

“The Common Start Coalition is a statewide partnership of organizations, providers, parents, early educators and advocates working together to make high-quality early education and child care affordable and accessible to all Massachusetts families. Our goal is to ensure that all families have the care solutions they need and that all children in our Commonwealth have the same, strong start and enter school on a level playing field.”

For some of what this looks like at a national level, check out this article on WBURhere’s what it looks like here in MA.

As part of our advocacy efforts, we’re asking local parents/guardians/caregivers, employers, childcare/early education educators and administrators to share their stories about childcare, access, and raising the next generation here in our area.  You share in two ways:

  • Two– create a video selfie! Video selfie project: Please see the instructions below and contribute a video and/or share with your members. You can email your selfie videos to Jordan at or text to Jordan at 603-657-0760.
    • Videos should be under 2 minutes long and can be shot from your cell phone. Please email videos to Jordan Latham, YWCA, and include the spelling of your full name in the email.
    • Outline for Video Testimony
      • Hi, I’m [name] from [city or town].
      • If it applies: I’m a [parent/family member/guardian.
      • I’m also [an essential worker, a childcare provider, a family care worker, working from home, unemployed, a business owner, an early educator, etc].
      • Child care is important to me because [fill in the blank].
      • When you have the opportunity to fund early education and childcare in Massachusetts, please remember my story because there are many others like me. Please invest in access to safe, high-quality, affordable child care.

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