United We Help Greater Fall River COVID-19 Relief Fund Grants are available to nonprofit organizations within our Service Area.


The United We Help Greater Fall River COVID-19 Relief Fund will provide crisis support such as food, shelter, utilities and basic need items to non-profit agencies to distribute to individuals, families and other vulnerable populations who suffer hardship and inequities as a direct result of COVID-19, including but not limited to those listed below:

  • Low- and moderate-wage earners, especially those in the hospitality industry, travel & tourism, early education & childcare, private daycares and self-employed eg. house cleaners, landscapers
  • Youth service providers (summer camps, out-of-school enrichment, tutoring, etc)
  • Displaced students at all grade levels, especially couch surfing teens and young adults, who need food, shelter, access to technology or even basic hygiene items
  • Parents struggling to balance layoffs, or a decrease in hours, with the cost of summer camp/programs, tutoring to help their children catch up, other behavioral or mental health support costs
  • Elderly in need of home care, meal delivery, medication or emotional support
  • Those struggling with homelessness / food insecurity
  • Front-line responders providing medical and other critical care services who require additional supports including but not limited to PPE, cleaning supplies, mental health support
  • Long-term mental & behavioral health services for trauma support and treatment related to COVID-19
  • Educational programs focused on financial stability such as VITA or budgeting workshops

United Way of Greater Fall River will disburse 100% of the Relief Funds raised to support COVID-19 related needs in the Greater Fall River area, namely the towns of Swansea, Somerset, Assonet, Westport, Tiverton and Little Compton and the city of Fall River.  The application for the third round of funding will be open until Monday, March 15 at noon.

To ensure that all requests for relief funding are evaluated fairly and equitably, a panel made up of community volunteers, business leaders across a variety of sectors, and Board members will be assembled to review all incoming requests in an expeditious manner.  It is expected that a certain degree of flexibility will be given to the non-profit agencies who have experience and expertise working directly with community constituents seeking assistance to determine the final amount of emergency funding disbursed to individuals in their care.

United Way of Greater Fall River will disburse funds raised through flexible resource grants awarded to non-profit 501c3 organizations working with individuals who are disproportionately impacted by the economic consequences of this outbreak.  These general operating grants will help fund frontline human services organizations that have deep roots in the community and strong experience working with vulnerable populations to address gaps in services and increase their capacity to meet basic needs of individuals and families. 

Requests from individuals, small businesses, and gaps otherwise funded by state and/or federal stimulus packages, such as the CARES Act, will not be eligible for United We Help Greater Fall River COVID-19 Relief Funding.

We are continuing to accept donations to the United We Help Greater Fall River COVID-19 Relief Fund online.  All funds will remain local.  United Way of Greater Fall River will not collect administrative fees on donations to our COVID-19 Relief Fund.

United We Help Greater Fall River COVID-19 Relief Fund