Family Reunification

Jan 25, 2021


Family reunification is a vital part of the work our agency partners do.  The staff at the Women’s Center at SSTAR support families who recover from domestic violence or substance use disorder, helping families get safe, get healthy, and get back together.

Joanna presented at court following hospitalization for brutal assault. She worked with the SSTAR Women’s Center SAFEPLAN Advocate to obtain a restraining order. Joanna went to court because the Civilian Police Advocate she worked with spoke her native language.  Joanna trusted her SAFEPLAN Advocate and the court process. 

In working with our advocates, Joanna disclosed that DCF had removed her children from the home due to the domestic violence.  She was now ready to work toward reuniting with her family. Joanna utilized the services offered by The Women’s Center, including legal services, parenting groups, stress management classes, and therapy relating to the domestic violence she had experienced.

Through Joanna’s active engagement with The Women’s Center’s services and the determination she displayed to improve her circumstances and protect her children, DCF supported her reunification with her children.



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