Looking for some ways for children to have fun via video chat with their friends and relatives? Here are a few from our friends at Bay Coast Behavioral

1)     Truth or dare
Cut the truth questions and dares into separate pieces and fold so that players cannot see what is written on the paper as they are choosing a truth or a dare.
Place in two containers – one for truths and the other for dares. Label the containers with a sign so that players will know what they are choosing.
One at a time, player choose either a truth or a dare. After that player has completed their truth or dare then the next player has a turn.

2)  Conversation cubes

3) Play charades
On each turn, a single player acts out a phrase in front of their teammates. Use a stopwatch or app to track the time, giving a maximum of two or three minutes for each turn. The team with the least number of total minutes and seconds wins.

4)     Two truths and a lie
To play, everyone sits or stands in a circle. One by one, each person in the circle says three statements about him/herself. Two of these statements must be facts, or “truths,” and one must be a lie. The other members then try to guess which statement is the lie.

5)     Have an origami competition

6)     Take character quizzes collectively

7)     21 questions