United Way of Greater Fall River (UWGFR) has opened a Hurricane Ida Relief Fund.  We are taking steps to assist response and relief efforts for families affected by Hurricane Ida.  UWGFR has committed support from its Disaster Relief Fund in direct support of the Louisiana Association of United Ways (LAUW) Unified United Way Hurricane Ida Fund. The Unified Fund will support overall UW relief and response effort throughout the entire impacted territory, including specific regions of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama.

As of publication, well over 1 million people in the Gulf Coast are without power after Category 4 Hurricane Ida swept through the region.  Many households lack potable water. Access to food is limited as those without power can not keep food cold.  Gasoline shortages are present throughout the region. 

Funds raised in the Unified United Way Hurricane Ida Fund will be disbursed in a fair and equitable manner based on population and need. Funds will be utilized to purchase basic needs such as water, food, gas, shelter.

Hurricane Ida Relief Fund

Your support will support the restoration and recover of the Gulf Coast Region.  Donations will go directly to the Unified United Way Hurricane Ida Fund.