You can make a difference

Dec 1, 2020

Our new normal is a world of uncertainty and change. That will take some getting used to. But we need to do more than adapt to a post-pandemic world. We need to build a better one. Thousands of people in our community devastated by the events of 2020 need your support to rebuild their lives.

At the beginning of the year, none of us were prepared for what we would confront. And no one knew how many in our community would need our help. Faced with a once-in-a-generation challenge, [AREA NAME] stepped up. United Way staff, donors, volunteers and our entire community came together in an unprecedented way. We helped our neighbors who were most impacted by the global pandemic and economic downturn get the relief and support they needed.

  • Raised $587,969.36 for the COVID-19 Community Response and Recovery Fund
  • Served 69,562 meals
  • Distributed [170,100 pounds of produce
  • Supported 25 homeless individuals with weekly meals for 20 weeks
  • Responded to 150,114 211 calls and texts
  • Offered mental health care services to the community
  • Worked with more than 50 local agencies

But there is so much more to do. Thousands of people in Greater Fall River still struggle with unemployment, food insecurity, housing and health challenges. Many don’t know where their next meal is coming from, or how they will pay the rent or the bills. Even more are teetering on the edge without back-up savings. Kids are struggling with an unconventional school year. Adults are facing mental health challenges like anxiety and depression.

Many of the Americans who were already struggling before the pandemic—like low-wage workers, people of color, LGBTQA+ individuals, and those with disabilities—were hit harder than the rest.

Consider this:

These are our neighbors. And they cannot wait any longer for relief, for support, for equality, for the opportunity to live a healthy, thriving life.

This year has taught that we don’t live in the equal society we’ve always cherished. But we can make it so.

At United Way of Greater Fall River, we are working toward a new tomorrow for our community, one that offers:

  • Strong starts for children
  • Safe homes and warm meals
  • Greater equity
  • New career paths
  • Fresh starts
  • Opportunities for physical activity
  • Access to health care
  • Thriving families

We must build a better future for our community, one where every person has an equal opportunity to thrive.

Let’s not put off until tomorrow the work that we can start today. Respond to the new year with hope, with possibility, with action.

Together, we can build a tomorrow that is better than yesterday. For every single one of us.

All we need to do is Start Today United.

You can make a difference in Greater Fall River

COVID-19 has impacted our community.  We will be facing a changed world for many years to come. Some of those changes are out of our hands. But many of them are within our control. Tomorrow may be full of questions, but we are the ones who can provide the answers. Because what we do together today determines tomorrow.

Join United Way of Greater Fall River as we reimagine a future that is better than yesterday. A tomorrow full of hope, of possibility, of action. A tomorrow where every resident of Greater Fall River can have a safe home, a secure future, and a fresh start.